Tuesday, 29 June 2010

smiley baby!

We have had loads of smiles today, but can i get a photo of one? can i heck!

oh look there's one!

Monday, 28 June 2010

lazy day

A pretty uneventful day today

Jess never lets me take any photos of her, this is the result of the photos i do!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

One hug

Took this about 10 days ago, so cute

Maybe Rooney was too busy thinking about his new film...

Today was a sad day, for football fans anyway. What a disgrace! "square ball!!!!" "REF!!!!" I dunno what i'm talking about, but i do try to join in!

Tesco was crazy this morning, it was like christmas with everyone getting their booze and BBQ supplies. It was too hot for us outside so we
all sat inside with the curtains shut in an attempt to cool down. Tilley and his girlfriend Kathy came round this evening and Mark got to show off Ophelia to someone new!

Here is Ophelia having some monkey time

"Vogue, Vogue"

Got your nose

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Ophelia plays gooseberry

Today i went to Luton as Jess went to her dads for the weekend. Spent the whole day window shopping sitting in cafe's and getting covered in milk.

Nothing much happened today, But we did go for a date this evening to Harvester. Ophelia slept through the whole dinner and it was really nice to just sit and talk, reflecting on our newest member and discussing our thoughts and feelings.
I am truly blessed to have such a loving and caring husband, he is my best friend and i couldn't live without him

I love you x (and you have a nice bum!)

Good morning!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Daddies do things best

Daddies version of getting the baby ready for bed

Bit of a stressful day

Well i can't wait for today to be over! It started well, with my dress being delivered early and Ophelia sleeping long enough for me to do some washing and the washing up, but seems to have gone downhill. It was Jessica's sports day today so we had to spend 2 hours in the scorching sun with a sweaty grumpy baby. I leaked milk all over my top then Jess started crying cause she was hot and tired. She has now gone to a party and i have to pick her walking up a extremely steep hill.

On the up side Ophelia found it great fun going offroading across the school field and was smiling away! I tried to take a photo but she stopped as soon as i stopped walking.

I want to have a bath and go to bed :(

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Bath time!

Probably the only time she is awake and not fussing! I can't wait to take her swimming

Trip to MK

Today we went to Milton Keynes.
I wanted to try on a dress i saw for a wedding we are going to in August and Mark needed some shorts to show off his legs. The queues were crazy long for the apple store and O2 store for the launch of the new iphone, we were shopping for 3 hours and they had only moved a metre!

Jess lost her tooth at last!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

"It's getting hot in here, so show off those nappies"

We had a lovely sleep last night, only waking once for a feed and straight to sleep. It's so hard in this weather, to know what to put her in. She mostly sleeps in a sleeping bag, then i don't have to worry about her getting covers over her face.

The cloth nappies are going well and it's fun choosing nappies for outfits. Some nappies giver her a MASSIVE bottom but they are so cute! i just put her in a tshirt so we can show them off!
Ophelia has been in a grumbly mood, must be the hot sticky weather. I haven't even seen Jess today as she went straight round her friends house after school and came back at bedtime.

Purple toe

Here is Ophelia's birthmark just a single purple toe, you can't see it from the top of her foot. I think its cute.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Hot, sweaty and a very awake baby!

What a lovely day! Nanny V spent the day with us beforeher trip to spain. Inbetween washing up and pairing socks she had loads of cuddles!

I got an amazing smile from Ophelia this morning when i stroked her head, it was so precious. I wish i could take a photo of every special moment like that! She has been very awake today.
Jess went on a school trip to the farm today and came back extremely sweaty and tired. She said the best bit was feeding the goats (even though she got slobbered on)

Love this photo:

Monday, 21 June 2010

New eyes and New teeth

Check out Ophelia's funky legwarmers!

Today me and Ophelia took a trip into town to enjoy the sunshine and open her a bank account, while i was in town i thought it would be a good idea to have my eyes retested as my sight has really suffered after giving birth.
...boy has it suffered! i am now resigned to the fact i'm gonna have to wear glasses on a full time basis.
Jessica has a wobbly tooth, every time i look at it, it is sticking out in some horrific direction... yuck! she takes great delight in showing me just how wobbly it is!